The Right “Stuff”: Best Piñata Treats for Teens


Our best tips for how to fill your piñata with candy and non-candy treats that teens (and older folks) will love!

We can’t get enough of piñatas.  (And, apparently, a lot of other people can’t either!) The piñata’s history goes back across continents and hundreds of years. In many Hispanic and Latino/x cultures, no birthday is complete without a piñata. And piñatas are having more than a moment here in the U.S., too. Walk into any big box store across the country, and you’ll find piñatas in all shapes and sizes and for all ages.

If you love piñatas as much as we do, be sure to check out our post on how to make your own mini piñata! It’s easy, you don’t need any crazy supplies (we make our mini piñatas using empty cereal boxes), and your family and friends will appreciate the personal touch. You know what else they’ll appreciate? Some thoughtful treats! Basic candy is great for little kids, but for tweens, La-“teenz” (see what we did there?), and even some of the “older” crowd, we like to up our game. Here are our top piñata filler ideas for the more “discerning” teens and people in your life. (Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is NOT a sponsored post. We aren’t being paid by any of the sellers mentioned here – we just like their “stuff” (pun intended).)

Tamalitoz Mexican Candy

OK – we’ll start with the candy, but not just ANY candy. We’re talking Tamalitoz — delicious candies shaped like little tamales (get it?). Sweet on the outside and just the right level of spicy on the inside (NOT Taki-level spicy). And it feels like they come out with another delicious flavor or treat every day! (If candies aren’t your thing, try the Palomitaz.)

Piñata Lollipops

These piñata lollipops are just super cute and, can we point out, “meta”? A piñata inside a piñata? Mind blown. And it’s a known fact of the universe that teens like lollipops. Next!

Tattly Temporary Tattoos

What could be more fun than freaking out your Latino parents with a tattoo! We really like these by Frida-themed tattoos by Tattly. They’re also gorgeous, and Frida is our homegirl.

Artelexia “Spanish-Speaking” Pencils and Erasers

Give your pencil case a makeover with these Spanish- (and Spanglish-) speaking pencils from Artelexia. Sayings include Sí Se Puede, Buenas Vibras, Juan of a Kind, Échale Ganas, Amigas for Life, and many more. And don’t get us started on the erasers. So, you made a mistake? No worries – just “Cool Frijoles!” or “¡Échale Ganas!” and it’s gone.

Pipsticks Stickers

Pipsticks has a large collection of Latino/x-themed stickers to choose from.  Tacos, piñatas, cacti, Día de los Muertos — they’ve got it covered.

Hair Ties in “Folklorico” Prints

These soft hair ties won’t damage hair and look amazing in Mexican prints and bright colors.

Our Lateenz Gen-Z Loteria Game!

We saved the best for last here, because first-off, this one is FREE. And (maybe) we’re (a little) biased here, but this is the best Mexican Lotería game out there. AND we’ve made it especially for Gen Z’ers. Certainly, the best looking and most clever. All you need to do is print it out. If you want the tablas to fit in the piñata, just make them “mini” by reducing the image sizes before you print!

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