Opportunities for Teenz

Want to enrich your life and increase your chances of academic and career success? If so, you owe it to yourself to explore the many organizations that offer internships, programs, competitions/awards, and scholarships specifically for teenagers. Help yourself to our extensive lists, and take advantage of these opportunities to grow and move forward!


for Work and Research Experience

Internships offer significant work and/or research experience and can be paid or unpaid (you work on a volunteer basis). For a paid internship, you may receive an hourly salary, a one-time cash stipend, and/or other benefits like housing, meals, and transportation. Internships are usually selective (which means not everyone who applies is hired); however,

many internships would like to increase participation by historically underrepresented groups and will give special consideration to qualified Hispanic students.

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for Enrichment and Support

Many organizations offer summer and school-year programs for high school students that are educational or experiential in nature. These programs focus on one or more three areas:

  • enrichment (education and experiences beyond what most high schools offer);
  • academic or vocational support (for students that need some help with standard education);
  • overall readiness for college and help with the college application process.

Most of these are paid programs (you have to pay tuition or another type of fee to participate). However, there are many free programs, programs will pay you a stipend to participate, and programs that offer financial aid if you are economically disadvantaged.

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Competitions & Awards

for Motivation and Recognition

Participating in a national or local competition designed for teens is a great way to hone your skills and highlight your talents to colleges and future employers. Some competitions also can expose you to talented professionals and potential mentors. Many Latinx teens don’t participate in these competitions either because they don’t know about them, or they (incorrectly!) think that they don’t have the necessary skills to participate. While it’s true that some of the larger, national competitions are geared toward a small number of exceptionally gifted teenagers with advanced skills, many regional and local competitions and awards are accessible to the average teen who is willing to put in some extra time and effort.

And a growing number of competitions place a value on diversity of talent and are looking for the fresh perspective that Hispanic students have to offer.

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for Financial Help

Scholarships can help cover the cost of college and training (and supplement financial aid or federal grants). Our database includes:

  • scholarships especially for Hispanic and Latino/x high school students;
  • scholarships available to Hispanic and Latino/x and other diverse/underrepresented high school students; and
  • scholarships available to high school students generally in areas with large Hispanic and Latino/x populations.

You may also want to check out our Competitions & Awards section because prizes are often given in the form of scholarships.

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