America Is Now a Melting “Pie”???


America was once a “melting pot,” but now we are a circle of dough sprinkled with delicious, melting cotija.

By Lindsay López-Isa Lamken

The internet is buzzing about Mexican pizza.

Earlier this month, Taco Bell announced that, starting September 15, Taco Bells around the country will once again be offering the “Mexican Pizza” as a menu item. The Mexican Pizza was “among several items pulled in 2020 as the restaurant looked to streamline its offerings.” (Lateenz translation: “We had to cut back on stuff when the pandemic hit to avoid losing tons of money.”) Taco Bell briefly brought the “longtime staple ” back in May, but it quickly sold out because of supply chain problems. But hey, (never fear!) Taco Bell wants you to know that they are totally crushing it: “The late summer return is sooner than Taco Bell first anticipated when shortages hit earlier this year, as Taco Bell worked quickly to restock the beloved menu item.”

On the other end of the U.S. pizza universe, the New York Times reports a trend of smaller, mom-and-pop (or, should we say, “mamá-y-papá“) Mexican restaurants offering pizzas with more authentic Mexican flavors and ingredients. These restaurants are looking to bring in non-Latino customers who already know and love the concept of pizza. They’re also just innovating and having fun with new ideas!

And, after all, isn’t that what America is all about?