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Why advertise on Lateenz?

  • Lateenz is an ideal venue for advertisers interested in reaching middle and high school students and the people who care about them, including their parents, teachers, counselors.
  • Although we focus primarily on students of Hispanic/Latino ancestry, our content and support is also open and relevant to the majority of U.S. “teenz” and their families and educators.
  • Lateenz provides a unique blend of entertainment and substance designed capture the attention of teenagers, while also speaking to the adults in their lives.
  • By advertising on Lateenz, you can promote your organization or business AND help provide a valuable resource to the Hispanic/Latino/e/ community!

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Sponsored Program Packages

We also offer Sponsored Program Packages on our Teen Resources pages. A Sponsored Program Package is a great way to advertise internships, summer/academic year programs, competitions, and scholarships for U.S. middle and high school students (who otherwise might not be aware that they exist) – with the added benefit of enhanced exposure to Hispanic and Latino/e teens. Our comprehensive catalog -- plus our effective search engine – keep visitors on our site and engaged with your opportunities (that might otherwise take hours of research to find).

Sponsored Programs Packages include:
  • priority placement for your opportunity in our search results; and a visually distinct presentation to attract extra attention.