What is Lateenz?

Lateenz is the best collection of inspiration, advice, and information about internships, programs, competitions, and scholarships for middle and high school students — curated especially for Hispanic and Latino/x teens. Oh, and also? It's free, open to teens of all backgrounds, and fun!

Our engaging, culturally-relevant articles and activities are a gateway to a huge, searchable database of resources designed to help unlock the educational and leadership potential of Hispanic and Latino/x teens including:




Academic Year and Summer Programs




Competitions and Awards

Our resources are also helpful and open to parents, teachers, counselors and mentors who want to help level the playing field for students of all backgrounds to succeed.

Fun FAQs About Lateenz

How does Lateenz work?

Lateenz is a combination of an online magazine and a resource of educational, leadership, and career opportunities open to middle and high school students, with a focus on Hispanic and Latino/x teens.

An Online Magazine

Our entertaining and culturally relevant content is created specifically for Hispanic and Latino/x teenagers (and the adults in their lives), and acts as a gateway to...

Teen Resources

The largest, searchable database of high quality:

  • Internships
  • Academic Year & Summer Programs
  • Competitions & Awards
  • Scholarships

for U.S. middle and high school students

Why start Lateenz?

Obstacles in the Playing Field.

There are an amazing number of organizations in the U.S. that provide teens with meaningful education and career experiences outside of the classroom. Unfortunately, the young people who could benefit the most from these opportunities are often the least likely to take advantage of them — including many Hispanic and Latino/x teens.


What is the goal of Lateenz?

The goal of Lateenz is to remove barriers to participation by Hispanic and Latino/x teens in high quality educational and career opportunities.

Lateenz creates a space for Hispanic and Latino/x teens (and the people who care about them!) that is bilingual, culturally relevant, age-appropriate, and encourages them to explore the many internships, programs, competitions, and scholarships open to middle and high school students — many of which are eager to include Hispanic and Latino/x and other underrepresented teens.

Can people who don't identify as Hispanic or Latino/x benefit from this site?

Absolutely! We invite and encourage teens of all backgrounds (and their parents, teachers, counselors and other mentors) to take advantage of our resources. The overwhelming majority of the internships, programs, competitions/awards and scholarships in our database are open to ALL middle and high school students. We also have articles and other content that we think are fun and informative for all teens.

How do you pick the opportunities that are on this site?

We're determined to find every quality internship, program, competition/award, and scholarship available to middle and high school students in the U.S. But we make a special effort to highlight all the opportunities that are free, low-cost and do outreach to Hispanic and Latino/x students.

What if I know about an opportunity that is not on Lateenz?

Please let us know by sending us an email at contactus@lateenz.com.

Is Lateenz a non-profit organization?

No, Lateenz is a limited liability corporation. Why? Maintaining the resources that Lateenz offers is expensive. Instead of relying on charitable donations, we would like to accept advertising that relates to the purpose of Lateenz to help defray costs and make sure that we can keep Lateenz going in the future.

Who started Lateenz?

Lateenz was founded by a 2nd-gen. Latina high school student, who came up with the idea after spending a ridiculously long time on the internet trying to look for opportunities and realized what an obstacle the process could be to students with fewer resources. She maintains this site with the generous help and support of family and friends.